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   Office Circular-About Holidays for year 2013
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   Revised EIS & Traffic Survey Study for proposed Paud Road-Balbharti Link Road 05/03/2013
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   Tata Communication Excavation Satelite Map
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   Report on Safety Audit of Pune Satara Road
   Draft Report Pune Solapur Road - R2 -01-06-2014
   Urban Street Disign Guidelines
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   Manual for marking of Budgeted works on Google Map-Marathi
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   Dr Ambedkar Awas Yojna Beneficiary List 2013
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   RTI Authoritise
   Native Plants List
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   GR 14-12-2009
   Tree Act 1975
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   Declaration for Citizens
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   Octroi Annual Report 2010-2011
   Deputy Commissioner (General)
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   Loksabha Election 2014 Nodal Officers Order
   Loksabha Election 2014 PMC Officers Order
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   Education Department
   Tahakub Sabha 26-06-2014
   Chattrapati Shivaji ITI Institute Information
   Jahir Nivida No. 7 (Mudatvadh)
   Jahir Nivida No. 7
   Jahir Nivida No. 6
   Jahir Nivida No. 5
   Jahir Nivida No. 4
   Jahir Nivida No. 3
   Jahir Nivida No. 2
   Jahir Nivida No. 1
   Secondary & Techincal Education Department
   Orginisation of City Science Fair
   Grand For Basic Facilities of Minority school
   Vipashana Upakram - Mitra Training
   School Committee
   Executive Committee
   Teachers constituency - cancellation of teachers names
   Teachers constituency - cancellation List of teachers names
   Rajiv Gandhi e-School Admission List 2013
   Jahir Prakatan 2014-2015
   Patra & Apatra List 2014-2015
   Education - GR 31/12/2013 about RTE
   Establishment Department
   Reservation wise Filled & Vacant Post Report up to March 2013
   Reservation wise Filled & Vacant Post Report up to March 2012
   Reservation wise Filled & Vacant Post Report up to March 2011
   Seva Pravesh Niyam PMC
   Junior Clerk Seniority List
   Loksabha Election 2014 Nodal Officers Order
   Loksabha Election 2014 PMC Officers Order
   Laghulekhak (Nimn Shreni) Seniority List
   Laghulekhak (Uchha Shreni) Seniority List
   laghutanklekhak Seniority List

List of 402 BSUP Relocation Beneficiaries

   BSUP Hadapsar Beneficiaries List Upload on 22-05-2014
   BSUP Warje Beneficiaries List Upload on 22-05-2014
   Renewal of CDP under J.N.N.U.R.M. 04/07/2012
   Updated C D P
   Jahir Prakatan CDP
   BRT Pilot (PUN-001)
   BRT Phase-1 (PUN-021)
   BRT CYG (PUN-019)
   STP (PUN-002)
   Sangamwadi Approach Road (PUN-033)
   Nagar Road Subways-4Nos (PUN-031)
   Baner Road Subway (PUN-032)
   New Alandi Road (PUN-030)
   SWD Phase - 1
   BSUP Project Beneficiary List
   BSUP Project Beneficiary List up to Mar 2014
   Health Department
   Vaccination Centre For International Travellers
   Pulse Polio Immunisaion Programme 2014
   RCH Programme
   Prathamopchar (First AID)
   Birth Information from 2001-2009
   PMC Hospitals Information Aug 2012
   MTP Registration
   Property Tax Department
   Milkatkar Pustika
   Jahir Notice Marathi
   Jahir Notice English
   RTI Information
   City Engineer Office
   Digital Signature Certificate Form
   Occyupancy Certificate - Required Documents List
   Building Control Circular 1
   Building Control Circular 2
   Building Control Circular 3
   Building Control Circular 4
   Building Control Circular 5
   UnAuthorized Construction Gazette List April 2012
   UnAuthorized Construction Aundh Aug 2011
   Chief Audit
   Chief Audit Seniority List
   Deputy Commissioner No. 3
   Jahir Prakatan
   Mahatma Phule Smarak Project Affected Slumholders List
   Chawl Department
   Sadanika Vatap Niwassthan Upavidhi 2011
   Sadnika Vatap Final List (Class-3)
   Sadnika Vatap Final List (Class-4)
   Encroachment Department
   Meeting Minutes Pheriwala Policy 1-11-13
   Meeting Minutes Pheriwala Policy 10-2-2014
   Pheriwala Samiti Tharav
   PMC Hawkers Information
   PMC Hawkers Information
   National Policy on Urban Street Vondors 2009
   National Policy on Urban Street Vondors 2009
   Government Resoulation 2013
   Supreme Court Order Street Vendors Bill and Policy
   Sewerage and Water Supply
   Water Supply Project 2014-15 work list
   Commissioner Order - To Avoid Misuse of Water
   Benchmarking of Water Supply
   Sewerage Dept. Benchmarking
   Parvati Water Supply Lab Report
   Service Level Benchmark
   Water Tanker Report Mar 2014
   Land & Estate Dept
   PMC Milkat Vatap Niyamavali
   Aquired Aminity Space up to 31-03-2012
   Aquired Aminity Space up 01-04-2012 to 31-03-2013
   Carbon Inventory of Pune City 2012
   ESR Report 2012-2013
   ESR Report 2011-2012
   ESR Report 2010-2011
   ESR Report 2009-2010
   Strategic Environment Assessment Report
   PMC's Indradhanushya Environment Education & Citizenship Centre
   List of Silent Zone
   Heritage Cell
   Heritage Cell - Tipani
   Heritage Cell - Press Note
   Activities of heritage cell
   Heritage Walk
   Inrernational Music Day 2013
   World Heritage Day
   Heritage Economics
   Non Motorized Transport (NMT) Cell
   NMT CELL- ESMF Annexure
   Tender Cell
   Revised Tender Process Guidelines
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