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What is BOT/PPP?
Among the types of Public- Private Partnership namely- Service Agreements, Leasing and Concession, Concession allows the highest autonomy to service provider (Service provider pays concession fees and has authority to collect and retain service tariffs). Hence PMC has opted for the same. As there are various methods of concessions like BOT- (Build Operate and Transfer), BLT- (Build, Lease and Transfer), Turnkey Basis, BOOT- (Build Own Operate and Transfer), BOO- (Build Own and Operate), PMC finds projects on BOT most suitable since the ownership of the PMC property is not transferred in the BOT period. In a move to involve to citizens, corporate bodies, institutions, NGOs, private entrepreneurs etc in city projects, Pune Municipal Corporation has started BOT Cell in Feb 2000, to handle the projects on Build, Operate and Transfer basis. PMC has also set up a Committee to assess and if found feasible grant permission to the BOT project, or recommend to Standing Committee or General Body for permission as per the requirements.

Structure Of BOT Committee

     • Hon. Municipal Commissioner - Chairman
     • Hon. Mayor – Member
     • Hon. Dy. Mayor - Member
     • Hon. Chairman Standing Committee - Member
     • Hon. Leader of House - Member
     • Hon. Chairman City Improvement Committee -Member
     • Hon. Leader of Opposition - Member
     • Hon. Party Leader (R Congress) - Member
     • Dy. Commissioner (Spl) – Member
     • Dy. Commissioner (L Aqn) – Member
     • City Engineer – Member
     • Addl City Engineer, (Projects) – Member
     • Chief Accountant – Member
     • Chief Garden Superintendent – Member Secretary

Commercial Projects wherein the lands under reservation as per the PMC Development Plan or lands owned by PMC are developed by inviting tenders. The lands reserved for commercial complex, parking lots, hospitals, swimming pools, etc. can be developed under this category. The developer offering the highest premium will be granted permission to develop the land after taking the requisite permission from the General Body. The developer is allowed to recover his investment by levying tariff (in case of parking lots), lease of the shops, offices (in case of commercial complexes), display of advertisements (signages-with prior approval from the General Body) etc. during an agreed concession period. These projects may be taken on BLT basis.

Since its establishment BOT Cell, PMC has undertaken variety of projects & completed almost 110 projects till July 2006. Total cost of completed and partly completed BOT projects is around Rs. 41 Crores. Among the implemented projects, Majority of projects are Non- Commercial type. The cost of projects to implemented in near future is about Rs 50 Crores.

Prominent Implemented BOT projects

     • Subway at Modern College Chowk, Jangali Maharaj Road
     • Computerisation of Octroi Posts and administration Bldg
     • Construction & maintenance of Extension to SNDT FOB, Karve Road
     • Directional Overhead Signages and Foot Over- Bridges on main roads
     • Development & maintenance of Firodia Garden, Model Colony and Gul Poonawala Garden, Salusburry Park
     • Playing equipment for physically challenged Children at Sambhaji Park
     • Solar Traffic Signals at Simla Office Chk., University Rd.
     • Directional Map at Simla Office Chowk.
     • Energy saving fittings at Model Colony
     • Touch Screen at Main Bldg, PMC
     • Traffic Island, Natraj Chowk, Jangli Maharaj Road
     • Road Dividers and Traffic islands on main roads
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