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NGOs: To Keep Pune Green 
Pune Tree Watch
Ecological Society
List of NGOs
Pune Tree Watch
This group is formed to bring together people that are concerned about the dwindling tree cover of Pune. This group aims to monitor, act and protect the trees that harbors a variety of life and provides its citizens with various ecological benefits. This group would include concerned citizens, NGO's etc. of Pune.   Kalpavriksh

Since our inception in July'05 this netizen group has saved more hundreds of trees and has been a support group for concerned Pune Citizenry.

The group has been taking many activities most of which are mentioned below, by joining this group the activities you can participate in

* Preventing illegal tree felling.
* Surveying the trees to be cut.
* Working on the policy level like the Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1975.
* Tree plantation programs.
* Collection of seeds and its distribution at time of our meetings.
* Media interaction incase of unjust culling of trees.
* Identifying possible areas for tree plantations like roads, nalas and river sides or barren lands.
* Creating public awareness about relevant laws and policies among general public through participation in exhibitions, presentations in public programs or just word of mouth.
* Regular interaction with the concerned authorities.

Contact Information

One can easily join the group by being a member of punetreewatch@yahoogroups.com For more information see www.punetreewatch.org

Apt 5, Shree Dutta Krupa
908 Deccan Gymkhana
Pune 411 004
Tel: (020) 25654239 / 25675450
Fax: (020) 25654239
Ecological Society
Society’s mission is to promote environmental awareness and nature conservation; to design and conduct training programme to create awareness and capability to undertake restoration & nature conservation projects; undertake studies for the conservation, management & restoration of our natural resources and to plan & implement field projects in both rural and urban areas setting up model units where economic planning and ecological Ecological Society
conservation complement each other & form a viable development model to be emulated in the future.

Since its inception in 1982, Ecological Society has been in the forefront of ecological & environmental research & education. It has carried out a number of research projects with practical applications for municipal corporations, Government of Maharashtra & the Central Government. They include ecological planning of Pune’s riverfront; Catchment area planning based on environmental considerations for Panshet dam catchment; environmental multi-purpose management planning for Ujani reservoir, management planning for a wildlife sanctuary etc. The Society has also conducted environmental / ecological surveys of wetlands in North India & in Ladakh & Bhutan.

The Society’s other activities include maintaining field research stations at Panshet (District Pune) & Phaltan(District Satara) for imparting practical training in resource management to students; running environmental educational programmes for village children at Panshet & Kamshet and organizing lectures & workshops on topics of environmental / ecological interest. The Society also publishes annually a scientific Journal.

The Society has conducted in collaboration with B A I F, workshops for NABARD officials regarding Ecological interventions in Watershed development. Now it is agreed that in all the projects supported by NABARD, ecological measures will be incorporated with engineering methods.

It is now planning to initiate a parallel educational stream, which focuses on developing a holistic approach to life’s problems among students. It will be a movement from eco-schools to eco-university. It will aim at devising a syllabus, which is relevant to our day-to-day needs in cities & villages with emphasis on eco-friendly technology and proper management of natural resources. It will reduce the present burden of bookish education on students & emphasize activities outside the classroom. It aims to develop specific skills among students according to their aptitudes. At college and university levels it will aim at restoration of eco-systems, rejuvenation of natural resources and holistic landscape planning.

Contact Information

Ecological Society
B2 Jayanti Apartments,
Senapati Bapat Road,
Near Ratna Hospital,
Pune 411 016
Tel: (020) 25677312
Ecological Society’s e-mail ID - ecological.society@gmail.com
Parisar is an independent citizens' group working for Environmental awareness, education and action. It is based in Pune, India and was formed on 5 June 1981 - World Environment Day, in response to the deteriorating quality of urban life, neglect of important built structures and an overall apathy towards the environment. Parisar

From inception, Parisar has been involved in the Urban Heritage Conservation movement. In most growing cities, heritage structures, both built and natural are under serious threat. Building activity, construction of roads and flyovers, pressures for increasing FSI and general apathy towards our heritage has led to neglect, damage and destruction of many structures possessing architectural, historical, social and artistic qualities. Even after the setting up of an Urban Heritage Conservation Committee under the amended Town Planning Act provisions, Pune has lost many heritage structures. Parisar along with other NGO's like BEAG (Bombay Environmental Action Group) and INTACH has been actively working for protection and conservation of the city's heritage.

Contact Information

ICS Colony
Ganeshkhind Road
Pune 411 007
Email: info@parisar.org
RANWA (Research and Action in Natural Wealth Administration)

Ranwa is a small NGO (Non governmental i.e. voluntary organisation, VA) Registered as a Public Charitable Trust at Pune, Maharashtra, India, an NGO established in 1993 by a group of nature enthusiasts in Pune, is involved in diversified activities related to Environment Protection, Conservation, Education and Research. Its objectives include environmental research, education and activism. RANWA consists primarily of youngsters, including those now learning at other states or abroad. RANWA membership is open to anyone frequently participating or leading its programmes.

RANWA activities include:

Education: Nature trails for general public and school children alike for introduce them to nature, especially plants, birds and butterflies.

Research: Documentation of plants, animals and human influence in Maharashtra, especially western region, particularly Pune district.

Action: Plantation of local plant species, supporting environmental agitation, awareness campaigns.

For more information please see www.ranwa.org

Contact Information
RANWA (Research and Action in Natural Wealth Administration)

C-26/1, Ketan Heights, near Karve Statue, Kothrud, Pune, 411 029.
Socities Registration Act 1860 (Clause 21) No. 7165-93/Pune (28 May 1993)
Bombay Trust Act 1950 (Clause 29) No. F-8264, Pune (2 August 1993)
Phone 091- 20- 544 65 18 Fax- 4 222 145, 542 4426
Webgroup : ranwa@yahoogroups.com


Tekdi Pune is a group of young people; school & college students, working people as well as young at heart "Kakas & Ajobas" united in a common cause to make the Hills of Pune as well as our City green.

Tekdi Pune was started in the Summer of 2001 by a small group of students who had just given their 12th exams then. Appalled by the condition of Pune & the pollution that our generation has to live through, they decided to do something to change all this & really make a difference instead of complaining & discussing the condition.

It all began with the Tekdi Webpage on geocities being launched in September 2000 which got immense support from Puneites all over the world. With the help of a sponsor, a Puneite from London who wishes not to be named, a full fledged Tekdi Website www.tekdi.org was launched a few months later. The onsite work began in June 2001 at the Law College Tekdi (L.C.T.) Hill slope which was a barren rocky slope then.

Since then Tekdi Pune has never looked back. The L.C.T. work site has flourished with over 100 trees under maintenance by the L.C.T. branch and presently the work of the Soil and slope restoration in progress. Besides two new branches on at Chaturshrungi & the other at Parvati have also Been Launched. For more information see www.tekdi.org

List of NGOs
Following are the list of NGO’s Working in the field of Environment/Nature Conservation in Pune City. Users interested can contact them are throught the number given below:


Name of the NGO

Contact Person

Contact No



Mr. Mohan Dharia



The Agro Horticulture Society of Western India.

Mrs.Sumantai Kirloskar



Nisarg Sevak

Dr. Godbole



The Rose Society of Pune.

Mr. Arun Patil



Poona Women’s Council

Mrs. Manda Shimpi




Dr. Oak



Friends of Bonsai

Mrs. Mandakini Malviya



Vaidak Sanshodhan Sanstha

Mr. Khadiwale



Ecological Society

Mr. Prakash Gole



Env Department Bharti Vidyapeet.

Dr. Erich Bharucha




Mr. Suresh Patil



WWF Pune

Ms. Danita Daniel



Nisarg Pratishthan

Mr. Nagesh Yanpure



Green Hills Group

Dr. Shrikant Paranjpe



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