About Us

Urban Community Development division came into existence in 1984 with the help & guidance of UNICEF. Then newly formed office worked especially for pregnant women, child below 6 year old. This division even started running nurseries & provide nutritious food to kids. Then in 1987 this Urban Community division merged In Pune Municipal Corporation & it was formed as new department.
Urban Community Development Department started working for urban poor & needy citizens & department implemented central & state government SUP scheme. From 1991 to 1997 department worked on Nehru Employment scheme. Through this scheme vocational training, loan from National banks & subsidies were offered to beneficiaries. Under national literacy mission department implemented literacy mission in Pune city from 1997 to 2000. From year 2000 department successfully implementing Central government as well as State government & Pune Municipal Corporation's various welfare programmer. Same time we have operationalized various project with collaboration with NGOs.

What We Do

The procedure of all existing schemes of Social Development Dept. implemented is as following - 

  • Different Scheme forms are accepted at grass root level by Group organizer(Samuhsanghthika)
  • Verification and recommendation of all applications by Social Worker
  • Recommendation by Deputy Social Development Officer
  • Scrutiny by Junior Grade Clerk
  • Recommendation by Social Development Officer
  • Sanction by Hon. Chief Social Development Officer
  • Sanction Applications sent to audit department for billing purpose
  • Cheque is prepared
  • List prepared of all Beneficiaries & handed over to social Worker
  • Information to collect cheque is given to beneficiaries by Group Organizer(Samuhsanghtika)
  • Cheque distribution to all beneficiaries at S.M. Joshi Hall, 582, Rasta Peth, Near Daruwala pool, Pune. (Telephone no.- 020-26336249)

Forms and Documents


RTI Monthly Report
Month Previous Applications Applications Received This Month Applications Closed Pending Application
August 2016 3 10 0 13

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