Solid Waste Management

PMC's approach towards Solid Waste and Sanitation is comprehensive with careful selection and sustained application of appropriate technology, working conditions, and establishment of a 'social license' between the community and other service providers. Instead of something disposable, waste is seen as a renewable resource with potential to aid in problems including electricity shortages and resource recovery.


Sanitation Overview

The Pune Municipal Corporation, over the years, has adopted multiple programs to improve the sanitation conditions of the city. Pune city has an extensive network of Sewerage system linked to the Sewage treatment facility which is managed by the Water supply department. The Solid waste Management department caters to all the sanitation service needs of the city. PMC’s SWM department has been providing the urban poor access to toilets across the city. It has implemented programs for construction of community toilets, promotes individual & public toilets and works towards creating awareness amongst the citizens.

The programs undertaken for individual and community sanitation are - 

  • One home one toilet for urban poor
  • Community toilets 
  • Public toilets
  • CSR Partnerships for sanitation
  • School toilets through CSR intervention 
  • Pune Pattern of Ladies’ Toilets