Solid Waste Management

PMC's approach towards Solid Waste and Sanitation is comprehensive with careful selection and sustained application of appropriate technology, working conditions, and establishment of a 'social license' between the community and other service providers. Instead of something disposable, waste is seen as a renewable resource with potential to aid in problems including electricity shortages and resource recovery.


Public Toilets

PMC has so far surveyed 297 Public toilet blocks and 98 Urinals within the city limits of which, 74% are maintained by them. Maintenance of the public toilets to provide good sanitation services had always been a challenge and hence PMC partnered with various corporate houses facilitate the same.

Corporate Involvement in Public Toilets 

  • Adar Poonawala City Cleanliness Movement by the Serum Institute has pledged 100 crores towards SWM and Sanitation initiatives under which e-toilets with five years maintenance will be installed at 100 different public places across Pune city.
  • Pune City Connect has developed a strategy for a coalition of public toilets under CSR and has developed an innovative model of financial and operational sustainability. 300 well maintained public toilets will be provided under this initiative.
  • PMC has also come up with Public Toilet Service Level Agreement to involve corporate & private operators for efficient management of public toilets through a revenue generating model. This policy will leverage technologies to the optimal level and bring about a change while also re-engineering processes in all its functions and deliveries to the citizens.