PMC Cloud - A Brief

PMC aspires to transform Pune into a city of millennium, a world class city. In order to achieve this, Pune needs to be distinctive on the dimension of quality of life by improving the quality of citizen welfare services. As part of this initiative, multiple applications are designed and implemented by the department. PMC, needs to deliver applications and services at speed and scale greater than ever. The deployment of cloud based provisioning would integrate the required components to create an automated, easily managed platform that embraces all applications, for fast deployment across PMC environment. With such cloud solution at PMC, a predefined list of services would be available to users and additional services can be created instantly upon request by any department of PMC, while still enabling IT Department, to control and secure these services."

Implementation of PMC Cloud will have the following envisaged benefits:


  • Availability of “IT infrastructure on demand” to various line department and project agencies.

  • Aggregation of IT infrastructure (Hardware, Storage, Networking and Software) and management resources.

  • Optimal utilization by sharing of IT infrastructure resources to meet individual peak loads.

  • Standardization of systems: Improved scalability, Faster implementation cycle time and Stable and predictable physical and technical environment.

  • Reduced administrative burden for PMC IT Department and other departments by avoiding necessity of procurement, vendor management, addressing the technical issues etc.

  • Reduced cost of infrastructure creation, monitoring, management for the PMC and its various departments.

  • Enhanced reliability and security of information system through centralized management of IT infrastructure by adopting the necessary measures and practices, such as

  • Dynamic Scalability

  • Centralized and simplified management

  • Improved quality of data management

  • Lower risk of data loss

  • Higher availability of system and data – 24x7x365

  • Better management of security and access control

  • Guaranteed service levels

  • Efficient and effective management of information security issues across cloud environment.