Solid Waste Management

PMC's approach towards Solid Waste and Sanitation is comprehensive with careful selection and sustained application of appropriate technology, working conditions, and establishment of a 'social license' between the community and other service providers. Instead of something disposable, waste is seen as a renewable resource with potential to aid in problems including electricity shortages and resource recovery.


MoVe - Smart Garbage Collection System

As waste management operations all over the world attempt to become cleaner and greener, Pune Municipal Corporation is leading the way with complete end-to-end automation and monitoring of waste collection and management. PMC is using cutting edge technologies like GPS, GSM, RFID, M2M, IOT Sensors along with innovative Mobile and web application to improve and smoothen ground-level mechanisms for waste collection and efficient processing and re-cycling of waste.

PMC vision is to increase vehicle productivity, decrease non-compliance, effectively plan their schedules, bring transparency in the civic administration, improve and smoothen ground-level mechanisms for garbage vehicle tracking and efficient processing and recycling of waste all across PMC limits.


  • GPS tracking, monitoring & scheduling of  all the garbage fleets/vehicles
  • Biometric attendance system for SWMS & Vehicle depot
  • Hotel garbage collection automation using smart cards & weight sensors
  • RFID tags & smart sensor for garbage bin monitoring
  • RFID installation on garbage fleets, transfer stations & ramp

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