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Pune Municipal Corporation is working towards chalking out Smart Governance roadmap for each department for next three years. This will lay foundation of our Smart Governance roadmap which would focus on delivering citizen centric services through various channels and re-engineering our existing process to support these services. Existing services, processes, delivery channels needs to be relooked to identify the pain points from citizen’s perspective. Simplification of processes, elimination of redundant forms, and reduction of human touch points by embracing technology will be the agenda under Smart Governance project.

With the ever growing IT sector and modernization in Pune, it becomes essential that Pune as a Smart City should use the power of ubiquitous communication networks, highly distributed wireless technology, and intelligent management systems to solve current and future challenges and create exciting new services. Pune as a Smart City will connect citizens to local government and encourage for more direct participation, interaction, and collaboration. Smart Governance will play critical role in extension of its key services to its stakeholders with greater efficiency and transparency.

Mere development of e-governance strategies and induction of technology will not help deliver the quality of services envisaged unless human resources are aligned to provide the right services to the right consumers from the right sources with the right tools at the right time.