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Kumar Primavera Sad State by saloni19
on Monday, November 02 2009 at 05:49 PM
We bought our first home with many dreams in this society, to find very soon there are endless problems.
The road near the entrance is filled with Garbage. PMC representtaive claims its cleaned regularly, but how i wish someone could go there and see for themselves what the cleanliness has lead to. During rains...it was a pond of human excreta, Pig excreta and dump of garbage from nearby slums. With rains gone, this has turned into dried up waste..river bank is equeally littered and used openly as public toilet, when road is spared.
on the other side, road leading to Wadgaon sheri or Kalyani Nagar is not present any more. Only huge stones... making sure any vehicle passing by is tattered badly are present to drive on.
Civic Authorities: pls pay attention to our sorry state. We are law abiding, tax paying citizens!!
Can someone arrange to mend the roads, provide regularly cleared garbage Bins (should be a mandatory thing for an area like this).
In anticipation that someone is hearing...
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